Vinn Group, established in 2003 in Adıyaman Organised Industrial Zone.

ATS Trafo which was established in Adıyaman Organised Industrial Zone in the year 2003, about the production of three-phase and single-phase, oil-immersed Distribution and Power Transformers , provide production up to the level of 36 kV high-voltage and 25-5.000 kVA distribution and up to the level of 1250 kVA of the Power Transformers, according to the cooling systems determined in compliance with the Standards, in 6000 m2 open and 2500 m2 closed areas, with its experienced personnel and high quality equipments to its clients.

Also ATS Trafo produces oil-immersed special type transformers needed by its clients.

(Example: Now only ATS Trafo produces the special type 260 kV transformer in Turkey which TPAO could not procure from Turkey but ordered from the USA).